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Where the sun rises, on Nippon land
From his clan now long since banned
On top of a white mountain high
Stands a masterless samurai
Brought up to know nothing but war
Refuses to meet Death anymore
Escaping from the grave he dug
With all that blood, the crimson drug
Resigned from a useless crusade
He still carries his father's blade
Over hills, on less traveled ground
The rōnin walks without a sound
There's no honor in his way
For he has defied sensei
He can't die, though he does good,
In the way a samurai should
On top of a black mountain high
Stands a masterless samurai
From his clan now long since banned
As sun sets on Nippon land
:iconvedokun:Vedokun 5 8
No Juliet :iconvedokun:Vedokun 4 4
You wake up in the morning and lie in your dark bed
All the old regrets still walking in your head
A bitter cup of coffee to give your day its start
Helps you ignore the cuts that are bleeding through your heart
Even when the sun shines and birds break out in song
You find yourself asking "Where did I go wrong?"
Thoughts of your destroyed wings keep stalking you all day
And you accept that you can't make them go away
However deep inside, there's a part of you that knows
That you can be free of the darkest of shadows
When you break out of your prison made out of black frost
You will find the light that you hid but never lost
:iconvedokun:Vedokun 13 12
Crystal poet
Magical rock from far away land
I hold the crystal in my hand
Pushing away the blackness in me
Letting my mind run far and free
My world becomes a paradise
I regard with tear free eyes
The magnificent piece of art
Summoned from the crystal's heart
Nothing but a memory of the fear
When the skies are crystal clear
The river streams with liquid gold
And I dare make my stories told
A smile creeping across my lips
As I caress grass with fingertips
Silence filled by song of birds
My pen translating it into words
But like all songs, it too must end
Deep frozen is my river bend
'Round my neck, the crystal token
Like my soul, it hangs there, broken
Snow on my heart and in my hair
United with my oldest fear
Yet inside me still sings the bard
'Round my neck hangs a crystal shard
:iconvedokun:Vedokun 5 8
Buried beauty
Did I doom myself that night
when the full moon shone so bright
although hidden behind the clouds
on centuries-old burial ground
Took a gamble, went inside
'Twas that night I found my bride
Got her to lower her guard
Seduced her on that dark graveyard
Pale as the moon with lips so red
Her black eyes could've stared me dead
A lovely woman, vampire's resemblance
Lady of the garden of remembrance
Innocence unseen within her chest
that I longed so to see undressed
I loved her without getting weary
She always waited at the cemetery
That virginal maiden in black
and the grim sickness, its attack
I knew then, all was decided
The pair of us was to be divided
I saw that whatever did occur
She need not me, I needed her
I stayed to guard her final breath
Hoped my arms could keep her from death
My story ended that new moon's night
Remembered I was no white knight
Briefly saved by that pure black dove
Who granted me my wish of love
The beauty of her soul exposed
Spiritless body with eyes closed
:iconvedokun:Vedokun 5 6
Seal of fate
We were once ash and dust
In a world so unjust
The two of us born over and over
Feelings I once hoped dead
It was here that they led
We may finally get our closure
One can't forget what they saw
Such is the universe's law
Don't let it come, stop the night
Revive the dying light
You don't care but I always will
We are one but separate
Following dead etiquette
And this way our hearts remain still
The fate that I'm doomed to seek
Is re-enacting stories of antique
Will you look at me, heal the doubt
Grab my hand reaching out
'Cause this lovesickness hurts like cancer
A world of pain, world of loss
Proud, we carry the cross
No longer searching for the wrong answer
Though you hid the blood that you bled
The tragedy still stays in my head
Returned by time to earth's soil
Broken is my mortal coil
You kiss my lips now covered in white frost
You take my hand, cold as it is
Stiff with rigor mortis
Precious things tend to come at a cost
The rebellion of the pariah
Destroyed by a so called messiah
:iconvedokun:Vedokun 3 8
The raindrops in my eyes
There's something I never think about
But I see it when it rains
I don't know much about it but
I know how much it pains
Beautifully bouncing on
the asphalt and the grass
While playing a tormenting melody
against my window's glass
A familiar feeling I still don't know
I wish it could just stop
My heart only feels heavier
by each falling raindrop
I want to feel again the warmth
Be back where I once lay
But the coldness seeps in from outside
and takes it all away
Why am I troubled by something
that I know nothing about?
How can just a bit of rain
brew up a storm inside and out?
:iconvedokun:Vedokun 8 14
Never one to be unfaithful
Righteous in everything he'd do
But he saw his brethren, hateful
And he decided to
Leave the evil he stood for
Find his own way to the light
What did his brothers have in store?
Hunt him down, it was their plight
Sinner, sinner, sinner
From his old past he fled
Humming his own anthem
Seeing his concealed hatred
How he was just like them
He could never change their mind
But worked hard to change his own
Saw himself as just as blind
'Til he realized how he'd grown
It wasn't about being right
Wasn't about becoming strong
He started shining his own light
Forgiving those in the wrong
The sinner, sinner, sinner
Untraceable guilt within his eyes
Was his a good or a bad will?
Gone searching for clearer skies
The sinner who knew no evil
:iconvedokun:Vedokun 10 7
Forgive me, father
In the mines so black and dark
There's little hope for tomorrow
In the village our dogs bark
Each day we bring back more sorrow
My father was a swell man, alright,
He raised me to stand tall
But things never turned out right
And one day I lost it all
I led my life mourning my dad
And because I had nothing left
Though it made me no less sad
I lived on petty theft
I pocketed a diamond ring
Remembered my dead mother
And just like any worthless thing
I threw it down the gutter
I may not grow up rich or proud
But well, I'll have a heart of gold
Intending good, standing my ground
Well, that's what my father told
I've been alone since God knows when
Many years have passed me by
It's a haze but every now and then
I recall that also I will die
Some time ago my luck was turned
I found a lost Indian treasure
It was nothing I honestly earned
But now I could live a life of pleasure
Although I now live in another world
On the side with greener grass
I still faintly hear your words
You say that this,
:iconvedokun:Vedokun 3 8
Once was a woman with flawless complexion
Proved to be all gentlemen's distraction
Nothing was there that she couldn't achieve
No one was there that she wouldn't deceive
Silent cruelty beneath all her lies
Plotting each of her enemies' demise
The things she did, the things she said
Made little white lies turn bloody red
Pretty and appealing, like a reward
By all kinds of people she was adored
The beautiful vixen's fame soon increased
But behind her beauty was roaring a beast
With her black soul her days were sunny
Lying her way through to guilt-free money
However this damsel never grew to be old
She went to Hell with the last lie that she told
:iconvedokun:Vedokun 8 10
The time came and I hit a wall
Those around saw a noble's downfall
I'd had no sin I could confess
'Til red stains adorned my dress
The one before so white as snow
Torn in the woods where black winds blow
From maiden once righteous and pure
To sinner that no faith could cure
A life coated in darker paints
No longer one of the saints
But even if the sky falls and crashes
Even if my home was to burn to ashes
I can always find a new track
I can always grow new wings on my back
Though my heart stops with cramping pain
My old self I can still regain
The past horizon I have sighted
My past love still unrequited
:iconvedokun:Vedokun 11 9
The Witch
With my black hair and white skin
I've the might to open portals
Yet it's easy for me to blend in
and merge in this world of mortals
Superficially normal, even humane
Sensing normal tastes and smells
But on a shelf in my domain
I keep a book of spells
When darkness falls and midnight lands
I'll chant and I'll connive
From the book, through my hands
Black magic comes alive
It flows in me just like a flood
During witching hour, young
Runes that curse unfaithful blood
I voice in demon tongue
No servant of heaven or hell
I believe in neither place
Though they hunt me, they cannot tell
That mine is a witch's face
It's a cold night in early fall
Mobs make their way through
Though you humans want to burn us all
Our fight is not with you
You really think I can be killed?
I guess you've never had a look
Into what made me more than skilled,
You don't know of my spellbook
:iconvedokun:Vedokun 12 9
Ellie :iconvedokun:Vedokun 6 0
The young, soothing, dark blue sky
and the moon's eternally eerie glow
I let sink in with a relieved sigh
The day has met his foe
What takes away the betraying light
that scolds and burns and scars?
No mercy like that of the night
that adorns the sky with stars
Nighttime silence heals my soul
All qualms and worries are gone
Darkness makes me feel so whole
but what pain awaits at dawn?
I hold onto the cold air
like loss holds onto me
Looking for what isn't there
As much a captive as I'm free
In the night I find my existence
Becoming one with darkest black
but despite endless persistence
the light keeps pulling me back
I cry goodbye to the blackness
The day can't ever be won
How could such bitter sadness
accompany a sparkling dawn?
:iconvedokun:Vedokun 12 14
Forest fairies
The night covers the woods
With its black satin sky
River streams, the moon gleams
Call forth small creatures, shy
Like stars sparkle, far away
Their wings glitter 'mong the mist
Emerging from the oldest trees
Believed not to exist
Sneaking by the silver stream
Deep in the forest's clutch
Only visible in the place
That humans left untouched
:iconvedokun:Vedokun 85 36
Lost in the Woods
The place where you'll forever sleep
Is hidden in the forest's deep
There's no hope to bring you back
If I dare speak, my voice will crack
Your death tore me into a thousand shards
I came here to give you my dark regards
You were all I had, now I'm alone
Tempted to follow you to the unknown
The trees here are dark, yet so alive
But though they can heal, they cannot revive
That cursed day when your blood was shed
Haunts me every night when I go to bed
I feel my black sorrow wailing inside
As I stand by your grave, Reaper by my side
My heart keeps crying out inaudible cries
But I can't weep, there are no tears in my eyes
And though I seem to have no reason to
I will try to stay alive for you
:iconvedokun:Vedokun 7 6


all her tears
i tried to call myself on the cellphone
because i had no one to talk to
i left a message on the voicemail
because i couldn't get the call through
her tears were like lava
they flowed like java
but then they turned to stone
and i was all alone
she said the feeling was gone
and she had to move on
that the road was wide
and the grass was greener
on the other side
then i was history
she said that she pitied me
that our trip to italy
was going to be
without me
not the way 
it was supposed to be
she said that
she wouldn't miss me
even the birds in the sky
can understand why
their nest is empty
if someone cuts down
their tree
but I don't know
why you left me
i thought that
it was meant to be
weren't you happy?
it was a love misdirected
two hearts not connected
words not spoken
my heart was broken
so the days went by
and you went away...
and now you say
you made a mistake
you want to come
back to me
you're tired of being free
but I lost the possibility
of my ability
to love you ag
:iconreallynotartbutitry:reallynotartbutitry 5 0
Framed Lives
A smile here, a laugh there.
Top of the world, nothing compares.
Post it up for the world to see.
Showing everyone how happy I can be.
"I'm doing good, life's treating me kind.
Nothing's wrong, everything's just fine."
Everyone seems to be doing the same
putting their lives into pretty frames.
Strip away the lies, scrub off the paint
and all you get is the aching pain.
It's all just a game, we all want to win.
But when do we get to shed our skin?
:iconwindmeister8:WindMeister8 39 37
Once Yesterday
Filtered light through strands of gold
That echo from memories battered and old
Has time stood still or does my mind wander
With half-forgotten thoughts for me to ponder?
Whippersnapper days that came long before
Have disappeared through an open door
Now left ajar to keep dim thoughts at bay
Once yesterday maybe, but gone today
:iconsevvysgirl:sevvysgirl 7 5
Composed Upon Westminster Bridge*
Looking at the timeless bridge
That’s stood at our capital’s heart
Where freedom remains for us to defend
From those wanting to tear us apart
The carnage of the sad day before
Must seem surreal to those passing by
But all we can do is let life carry on
So the face of such hatred's denied
:iconsevvysgirl:sevvysgirl 5 1
Allow Me
Allow me
to rid you of myself.
I, unlike you, am a coward
unworthy of bearing your triumph.
I run and hide in the face of torment.
I cower in fear and scurry away
from the devastation I create.
You are collateral damage in my presence.
But still
You grant undying concern and care
for the sore fool that which I am
who never ceases to dismay you with ignorance, oblivion, and absurdity.
I relentlessly shatter your heart that is as precious as crystal,
and I endlessly corrupt your conscience with worry.
I am an abomination to your heritage.
I am a taint to your name.
And I deserve no place in your dwelling,
for I am far from a blessing to you.
Allow me
to rupture these veins that fuel my existence and involvement in this splendid life of yours.
Allow me
to liberate you from the pain and affliction that I have caused you
ever since the moment I materialized in my mother's womb.
Consent to this offer that I uphold.
I am knowledgeable of the efforts to which you have committed
to merel
:iconlawleighette:Lawleighette 6 10
Endless Lane :iconthewalkingmetalhead:thewalkingmetalhead 5 5
Untitled Poem
I'm going quite psychotic
It's all the latest rage
I feel a bit neurotic
Like a rat trapped in a cage
Contagious death, I caught it
It's time to turn the page
A spell no more hypnotic
Like an old retired Mage
:iconsouthernpsychosis:SouthernPsychosis 33 22
Endless Lane :iconzerosanity2713:ZeroSanity2713 20 22
Lost at sea
It's just an old photograph,
it's blurred and really scratched
but it means more than the world to me.
There's just two people standing there,
smiling in the summer air,
but only one of them's looking at it now.
The other one is lost at sea,
faded from people's memories,
but everyday I think about them, still.
Who knows where this person is,
finding anything's a hit or miss
and I doubt I'll ever see them again.
Six feet under or in Davy Jones' locker,
maybe on an island, completely off their rocker,
not much would change even if I knew the truth.
Answers will not come to me,
about this person lost at sea,
but from my memories they will never fade.
I just just wish that I had seen them off,
been awake before four o'clock,
never have I been late since that day.
And I miss them still.
:iconmagdah97:MagdaH97 1 0
Beyond Divine Fears
I think the Divine never wanted our fear,
for that is a loneliness which destroys acceptances.
That is a separation that turns hearts from hope.
That is a pain that wounds and injures the offering of hope, offering of joy,
The Grand and Divine Allowing of Love.
I think the Divine only wished to be part of our existence
but, it scared the ones who saw the efforts given to please;
the effects of assistance,
the lack of consistency in reality,
the direct input of the invisible.
As fear became superstition,
formality attempted to control the Divine
direct how the necessary gifts came into provision.
Still the Divine attempts to grant only the gifts needed,
the desires that must be fulfilled for all to find their way home.
As the Divine waits with open arms to celebrate the day we grow into a fullness,
that rejoins and returns seamlessly to the Grand Source.
That Which misses us as Humans insist on cowering in Our Imagined fears.
:iconprophetella:Prophetella 3 2
Past Flowers Past
Past Flowers Past
Often times, I leave and dwell in my past;
lingering sweet times that went by so fast,
and from each beginning, could never last.
Mirroring the rose, that wither and dies.
So, dwelling in the past and in reflection;
I muse on each arrows near deflection,
that missed its mark, in a sure rejection.
Each fallen petal, that whispers and lies.
Yet, I cannot break free of any brief thought;
and memory only repeats all t'was wrought,
comparing each one, that I had ever sought.
So all those flowers, just bouquets of sighs.
JR Jones  May 18, 2015
aka: Jay-Scrawl
:iconjay-scrawl:Jay-Scrawl 2 3
Burning Lotus Flower :iconbellabrightside:BellaBrightside 3 0
Angel of the night
The bells fell silent that night
when my world went up in ashes.
The misunderstood knight
ignored by familiar faces.
Alone in the shadows I stood,
frozen in fear, riddled with guilt.
I pushed you away, for your own good,
a lie for me, your death was my fault.
The hypocrites celebrated,
the mothers laughed,
the mob was congratulated,
in solitude, I built a raft.
We were the same, you and I
but I lived in denial, said it was a lie.
I ferried away those like us,
so that they live on, without loss.
”It's darkest before dawn” you told me once,
I rolled my eyes, understanding naught.
But when my life took to darker turns,
with a bright light, my attention was caught.
Set aflame, the cathedral was,
set aflame once more.
And in those flames, at their core
a shadow stood for your cause.
I watch from the shadows, once again.
I watch from the shadows, forevermore.
I watch, not for my own gain,
as that night's facts turn to lore.
I am the guardian of the fallen,
I protect the damned.
:iconmagdah97:MagdaH97 1 5
Oxford Circus :iconbellabrightside:BellaBrightside 2 0
My soul cries out
A silent shout
What's this about?
Am I devout?
I see her face
In every place
I wish to chase
But cannot race
So paralysed
And analysed
I realised
So self-despised
Her searching look
As I mistook
Is from a book
My soul now shook
So far away
Yet close today
What can I say
Without delay?
Her frequent glance
Her blue eyes dance
Is this a chance
Or just a trance?
She strokes her hair
And should I care
What she would wear?
Her skin so fair
And when she's there
My helpless stare
And would she care?
My aching prayer
:icondai-vee:dai-vee 6 1
Girl in dress :iconnevisaji:Nevisaji 2 0
I found this gem in the journal of :iconlupineborn: and thought it might be fun. 

[x] You have blue/green eyes. The jury's still out on that one, but my passport says they're green.
[x] You have freckles. Meow :3 They're not really that noticeable, though.
[ ] You blush a lot. I blush under certain circumstances, but those circumstances don't occur very often.
[x] You giggle. Is this really a question?
[x] You're quiet. Yup.
[x] You say random things. I guess everybody does?
[x] You have a baby face. Yes, and it annoys me.
[x] You wear more "down-to-earth" kind of clothing. It all depends on what that means, but after a google search I guess that's somewhat what I usually wear.
[x] You don't wear halter tops or anything too showy. I wear long sleeves whenever it doesn't kill me.
[x] You're under 5 feet 6 inches. 

[ ] Just thinking of sexual things make you blush. 
[x] Your idea of a date is really romantic. What's the point with a date otherwise? Besides, anything is romantic with the right person, at least that's the case with me.                       
[x] You sleep with a stuffed animal. Not just one, but several. 
[x] You like to cuddle. I find this a stupid question.                                                                             
[x] You never played the nervous game
[/] You don't even know what the nervous game is. XD Well, I googled it so that I could answer the previous question properly, but otherwise I'd have been blissfully ignorant.
[ ] You cry easily.  

[ ] You like the color pink. Well... it's a nice color but if I was getting a kitchen appliance and I had the option to get a pink one then NO. Double NO, in fact. Ain't no pink gonna ruin my interior design. (What interior design?) Shut up.
[ ] You tend to wear bright girly colors. *pukes a little* I think I am going to PUKE! 
[x] You CAN be ignorant. This describes the whole world in my opinion. No one knows everything. 
[x] You consider yourself shy. Yup, that's me. I doubt that anyone finds it cute, though.
[ ] You like happy, upbeat music. Not really, no.             
[ ] You like "cutesy'' music. Do you mean like "Karamelldansen" or something like that? Whatever, it's no in any case. 
[x] You like small animals. I love animals Cute Emoticon Blushing 
[/] You like babies a lot. I like them most of the time. But then there are times when I wish reproduction was illegal.
[ ] Mini versions of things make you go nuts. :happybounce:  Nnnnno. :o (Eek) 

Total = 17
Take the amount and multiply by 5
Title your journal "I'm __% Cute."

So the verdict is 85%. That was a surprise actually. If anyone wants to copy this, go nuts. Would be fun to read other's results as well.
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